You Nailed It! The Conference was full of energy; full of dynamic information that I took home and began implementing. Loved your 2nd day with ISN. Thanks Nathan and entire staff for providing great products and marketing information.

~Liz Rothweiler
Castle Home Inspections

Thanks Nathan.. The event was Great totally worth the $$ and trip down from Canada! I got a lot from it and will be back for sure next year. It is great to have a company like yours to work with and create a win/win relationship. You and your staff are outstanding!

~Kevin Sixsmith
Amerispec Inspection Experts

RWS group: if something went wrong (besides internet), I think it went un-noticed because the event was so outstanding. I believe I had already made my investment back the night BEFORE the conference even started! Friendly collaboration with other attendees was so much different than our local association events. We ALL helped each other’s businesses by exchanging advice without fear of “educating the competition”. After the conference, I spent a couple hours with Kevin from Canada and we actually put down on paper a plan to implement some of the marketing ideas we went over during the conference. That was pure gold. Once I get back to the office, it’s just me again and I don’t have that level of superior advice and bantering. I was also blown away by the staff members, incredibly nice, knowledgeable, willing, positive and involved! Each person I had the privilege of speaking with simply bled brilliance and cohesiveness! During the conference, the ideas were flying so fast, I was having a hard time trying to apply them to my business in my head while trying to keep up with the next idea. This event was truly unique and high class. The “no stress express” to and from the airport was an absolute “hallelujah” idea! This rockstar experience was only lacking dark sunglasses and sequins jackets but please don’t take that thought seriously Nathan. I have just one simple thought left. To the whole RWS staff, good luck pulling off another event this spectacular, you’ll need it!

~John Bolton
The Inspectagator

The conference was fantastic. You have a wonderful team and you all exceeded my expectations. I am looking forward to hearing back from your people regarding my website, brochures, etc. I am also very anxious to get started with the Water & Sewer plan.

~Dwight Leary
Home Check

It was great. I will definitely attend next year. I would like to see a practical lab, if you will, on the Dashboard. I would come in early for that. In fact, you could have a pre-conference on Friday for, let’s say ISN and then Sunday for the Dashboard. As a small shop, getting away is always a time to get some focus, that is hard to get when climbing houses and implementing things.

Again, thanks to you and your staff for ALL the hard work. I have put on KREIA conferences and your undertaking was quite monumental. I have read “The Hungry Home inspector”.  I am at another seminar in Chicago with some time to read and some of your comments are so true I had to laugh out loud a few times.

~Michael Hesterberg B.S. C.M.I.A.
Building Inspections LLC